Ethiopia: An Emerging Marketing Opportunity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ethiopia: An Emerging Marketing Opportunity Case Solution  


Expanding business activities of the global giants operating in different industries have been increasing with the passage of time. A number of companies that have been functioning in different territories over a number of years have been increasing their activities all across the globe. Companies are investing more time in identifying the emerging markets that can be beneficent for their business activities and help them in growing and enhancing their financial standings.

A number of emerging markets have been identified and entered by the companies conducting business activities. In the past, it has been experienced that efficient and effective entrance in the emerging markets have led the companies towards new horizons and facilitated them in achieving their organizational goals (Gekonge, 2013 ).

Currently three major companies are inclined and planning towards investing their capital and business activities in the geographical location of Ethiopia. Ethiopia have been experiencing growth with a number of business aspects and the factors that help companies to grow and increase the level of their activities being performed. Economic reforms and the buying power of the consumer is growing in the region but a number of factors also exist in the region that can affect the business activities of the companies in negative manner. Efficient analysis of these factors and utilization of the present advantages can adequately help the companies in achieving their intended reason of entering the territory (Gaeta, 2012).

Companies are aware of the fact that whatever is to be done by them must be done quickly. Later on the company might not be having the first mover advantage and the competitors of the companies might create brand recognition and brand awareness for their offered product which might create difficulties for the companies in the initiation phase of their entrance in the region. The business gurus and the analysts are recommending to companies that it would be fruitful for the company to enter the region as the future of the region with respect to industrialization is bright and the overall development in the geographical location is expected to grow and enhance.


Companies that are planning to enter the region have a number of factors to consider and tackle before entering the region as they simply cannot depend over things to get ideal for the operational activities. These constraints and barriers that are present in the location have the potential to negatively influence the business activities and the outcomes for the companies entering the market and it is mandatory for the companies entering emerging market of Ethiopia to bring them under their consideration before taking the steps towards entrance.

• Infra-Structure

The current position of Ethiopia with respect to the infra-structure is not ideal or does not have the potential to facilitate the business activities of the companies entering the market with efficiency. Infra-structure plays a vital role for the companies in reaching their desired location and it directly affects their performance in the region. The goods that are of interest to the companies are not able to reach them within time the companies are more likely to face serious results in the shape of huge losses and missed deadlines.

In comparison, the current developments and enhancements in the infra-structure sector of the country have increased. The companies might be required to invest more in the up gradation of infra-structure that is of core importance to them which can drastically change the shape of their balance sheet’s bottom-line................

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