Busse Place (B): Marisa’s Dilemma 

A Senior Vice President (SVP) at Douglas Private Equity Advisors asked Marisa Sanchez, a new associate, to exercise due diligence on a deal he needs to bring before the investment committee that will include the SVP, the firm’s owner and founder and others. The meeting is going to held just before yearly bonus season. Marisa […]

David Stern’s Decision 

The head office at Golden Horseshoe Constructors (GHC) was reasonably void and calm at 6:05 a.m. First thing the president expected that morning was a decision from the vice-president (VP) of purchasing. As he was seated in his office and was evaluating the bids for a forthcoming apartment project to recommend a window and door […]

Responsibilities to Society: The Capitalist’s Contract, Module Note 

Societies confront with various challenges and issues with high implications for organizational leaders that includes poverty and income inequality, obesity and pubic health, corruption and regulatory capture, and pollution and climate change. This note provides a framework to analyze the ethical, legal, and economical implications of such issues for organizational leaders, in their abilities as […]

Business Ethics: Literature Review 

On the other hand, there are certain disadvantages of this code of conduct that restrict them from achieving the advantages mentioned above. The major and most apparent disadvantage is the implementation of the code of conduct and the issue regarding the assurance of the results expected. Second flaw is establishing and setting a code of […]

Culture Clash in the Boardroom 

SWOT Analysis             SWOT Analysis is an important tool which can be used to give an analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat. Through these factors company can analyze its position in the market and hence, it can take measures to improve it and take actions accordingly. Strengths             It is very important […]