Employee Brand Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Presents a typology that will help organizations to better reflect the brand image they desire. Helping typology is based on the extent to which employees know and understand the organization's mission, values ​​and desired brand image, and to what extent they perceive their psychological contract with the organization are met. Organizations can be classified as All-Stars, beginners, injured reserve or strike out kings, performance-based advantage of their employees. As a category, rookie organizations can not deliver the desired brand image, because most of their employees do not have enough knowledge and understanding to do so. Injured Reserve organization, on the other hand, can not achieve the same, because the employees perceive their psychological contract with the organization as having been violated, that makes them want to and unmotivated. For its part, the strike-out king beginner share injured reserve organizations and organizations of the worst characteristics. Finally, on the other hand, all the stars organizations consistently deliver the desired brand image in the other, because their employees can and are motivated to do so. To help companies achieve this high desired status, provided specific recommendations that can help organizations become "all-star" in their own right. "Hide
by W. Glynn Mangold, Sandra Jeanquart Miles Source: Business Horizons 11 pages. Publication Date: September 15, 2007. Prod. #: BH250-PDF-ENG

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