EDUCATIONAL CHANGES Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



With the increase in Technology and emergence of new systems and learning methods,the approach to elevate the learning process has increased and demanded more in the market by the customers and practioneers both.

It has been mainly due to the interactive nature and the development of such metrics that has made learning interactive and two-dimensional.Since in the past, the educational learning has been monotonic, and one dimensional,making the people to learn during the session only by seeing or through conventional technique of ratification,ithas now been emerged to more interactive in nature, developing the two dimensional techniques and experimental learnings. Such has also developed the techniques such as e-laering and 3D technology in corporation to make learning process interactive and livelier, reducing the mon atomic delivery of knowledge and hence improving the overall stance of educational learning in the market.

In addition, since the dental doctors and students needs to learn and practice according to the new techniques and tools, which at some time are not available in vicinity or have inadequate resources to implement or learns through those techniques, the need for such virtual models has been developed that can transform the parameters of educational learning in dental category. Such may not only result in spread of knowledge irrespective of infrastructure boundaries and domains but will also offer great learning opportunities,hence improvising the delivery of knowledge and maintenance of educational standards in the dental industry, that meets the required demands in the market.


In the current era, the undergraduate programs and Postgraduate programs of dentistry requires an updated information and knowledge that keeps the pace with the ongoing development and establishment in the field.Such improvements are basically aligned with the market demand and trends for god educational practices and changes that offer more responsive treatment to the dental issue rather than based on old findings.

Since healthcare techniques needs to be smart and should evolve with time offering more ease and less cost for operations,the changes in the sector are eminent for innovative base that incorporates the customer behavior and modern techniques both simultaneously ,levering it to gain excellence in the market.

In addition, such increase in educational initiatives also requires the continual professional Development to remain the part of the ongoing Requirements system that area here by the dental team. Such increases the adaption to changes globally and results in developing of new model and learning initiatives to deliver the best outcomes to the ultimate markets, hence improving the stance of over all Health care in the market.

There are three changes that are proposed to incorporate in the educational learning in order to increase the level of offerings in the market and to satisfy the customers through advanced learning techniques.

The changes are:

  • E-learning
  • dental Out-reach Scheme
  • Case study base leaning.

Outreach learning

Outreach teaching in educational learning has been newly developed idea that focus on the idea of offering the similar environment and situation to the dental student as in the real world.Such practices allows the students to learn the real world techniques and allows to adapt to the real situations, making the practice more useful and effective for dentistry.

According to outreach learning, an ideal educational environment must have the range of operative techniques, methods,equipment and material to allow the students learn in an adaptive environment,making them equipped enough for the practical world. Since the basic educational Context of effective learning is to offer the right atmospheres and same internal atmosphere to the student as compared to the practical world outside, the technique of outreach learning will allow the practioneers and especially the management to develop such internal environment, scenarios that cohorts with the external world.

Since till now, the dilemma student learning in Dental centers face is the inadequate knowledge of the actual issues that are faced by the patients and the versatile knowledge and techniques to treat the diseases, such lacking develops an in-consistent knowledge base that than delivers the no-uniform service in the market. Moreover, it creates the hurdles such as wrong diagnosis that lead to severe health issues.


EDUCATIONAL CHANGES Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


In addition,due to the lacking of the perspective of management to offer the multi-dimensional knowledge to the student, be it due to inadequate resources or non-alignment business perspectives, the dentistry sector suffers from right measures that can improve education. In addition to this, since dentistry deals in economies of scale in most part of the world, the outreach training systems in educational institution will allow the hospital cater the group of dentists through advanced learning techniques and hence improvise the standards of education. Also, such technique of out reach learning will allow the dentist to develop multi-dimensional skills such as 3D report developing, info graphics knowledge, and knowledge and usage of digital medium to improvise and up scale the dentistry in the market. (journal, 2004)


The world of educational learning with the advent of technology is changing its verge from convention monotonous educations system to more pragmatic, continues and interactive technology advanced systems and processes.Such has been in the market, sure to the current nature of the dentistry along with the scope of healthcare researchers to offer the advanced, cost effective techniques and system to dentists in order to achieve the 100 percent results.....................

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