Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case represents the logic and performance of the underlying launch, a copy of President Obama's initiative on transparency and open government. The process used by Vivek Kundra, Federal CIO, and his team to quickly develop a website and to make available the high cost of a data set for re-use is highlighted. The case describes the experience Kundra at the State and local levels of government initiatives in developing open data and the application of this experience in the federal government. The case demonstrates the benefits of making government data in terms of active citizenship and the potential for innovation in the private sector. Potential drawbacks of open access, including security and privacy issues are illustrated. Issues related to the government's role in the release of the data and the balance between accountability and private sector innovations studied.
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by Karim R. Lakhani, Robert D. Austin, Yumi Yi Source: Harvard Business School 20 pages. Publication date: 07 May 2010. Prod. #: 610075-PDF-ENG

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