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Critical Analysis Case Solution

A person witnesses various stages in his life where the development goes strong and concrete but also faces difference obstacles that restrict the growth. In this regard the decisions that a person takes about his life, the educational stream or career are influenced by the values the person and the goals he wants to achieve.

The article “Who am I and where I’m going” inspired me a lot as it presented the different values that are explained by Maslow and identifies that human always want to achieve what they don’t have and are more inclined towards unsatisfied needs. Furthermore, the article also explains that people always want to seek motivation and the things that they have not achieved motivate them the most.

Furthermore, the article also gives deep insight about the Frederick Herzberg’s dual factor theory in which he explains different factors that motivate people during different stages of life. It explains that as a student the motivators are different while at job the motivators towards job satisfaction will be different.

Victors Vroom’s expectancy theory of motivation is also explained quite briefly in the article leveraging the different needs explained by McClelland. McClelland explains that people have different needs as some want power while some strive for affiliation but the crust of the story is everyone wants to achieve something and the goal is different for everyone. In the light of this article I have moved ahead in my future goals and am quite satisfied with the educational preference I have made.

I am capable and ambitious and I want self-respect, freedom and happiness, which is why I have selected business education as I want to pursue a career in the relevant filed and want to become an entrepreneur. The impact of my education and values will pose a positive impact on my chosen career as a business professional and an entrepreneur.

Freedom is the biggest and the most important terminal value that I have and in order to succeed as an entrepreneur freedom is very important. Apart from that, entrepreneurship will provide me with complete freedom to inject my beliefs and knowledge in the direction I want without getting dependent on anyone.

The reason I chose to conduct studies in the field of business is to gain sufficient business knowledge about running an enterprise and how to start my own business. This field education complemented with various areas that can help in enhancing my career and developing my business to next level.

Furthermore, self-respect and self-recognition are the next most important terminal values I have. People want recognition and power, which is why I have decided to become a business professional in the form of an entrepreneur as it will help in creating my own recognition and will be able to prove my mark without getting dependent on anyone.

Therefore, becoming a business professional and conducting studies in business are always part of my future plan as it matches the most preferred values that I have. On the other hand, my values and career are inter-related and are directly proportional to each other.

People always want to achieve different goals in their life and as a person matures then the variables that motivate them change and so do the values. As a teenager, people want to seek freedom and are really not motivated to go ahead.

The thing that motivates them to carry further studies includes freedom but as they progress in their educational stream, the variables of motivation changes. People now want to grow in their career and need security and self-respect. Money, power and affiliation have become the biggest motivators as they get closer to their career. Secondly, people have different values, which also change with the passage of time and also by the progress one has made in his life....................

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