Correlation & Multiple Regression Assignment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Table 1: Correlations

It can be seen that the correlation between the informative speech grades is significantly positive with hours per week for homework completion and communication apprehension score. There is also significant correlation among the independent variables such as between ACT score and affective learning measure, affective learning measure and hours/wk homework completed, critical thinking and hrs/wk homework completed and many others

The model summary for the multiple regression models is shown in table 2 below:

Model Summaryb
Model R R Square Adjusted R Square Std. Error of the Estimate Durbin-Watson
1 .321a .103 .086 5.42733 1.669

Table 2: Model Summary

The correlation between all the independent and dependent variable is 32.1% and the percentage variation in the informative speech grade is only 8.6%. In order to check whether the model is fitted we need to look at the sig value of the F test in ANOVA table shown below:

Model Sum of Squares df Mean Square F Sig.
1 Regression 1047.169 6 174.528 5.925 .000a
Residual 9101.892 309 29.456
Total 10149.062 315

Table 3: ANOVA

The p value is 0.000, which is lower than the significant value of 0.05, thus the overall model is fitted. However, in order to determine the factors that significantly impact on the informative speech grade of the students we need to look at the coefficients table 4 below.

Model Unstandardized Coefficients Standardized Coefficients t Sig. Collinearity Statistics
B Std. Error Beta Tolerance VIF
1 (Constant) 73.904 4.112 17.974 .000
ACT Score .010 .080 .007 .123 .902 .959 1.043
Affective Learning Measure .282 .400 .040 .705 .482 .890 1.124
Hours/wk for Homework Completion .189 .042 .250 4.542 .000 .961 1.040
Critical Thinking .044 .041 .067 1.092 .276 .772 1.295
Previous Experience .344 .244 .086 1.406 .161 .773 1.293
Communication Apprehension Measure .072 .022 .211 3.338 .001 .729 1.371

Table 4: Coefficients

If we look at the p values of the individual independent variables from each of the three components of knowledge, skills and motivation, then among all the six variables only hours/wk homework completed and the communication apprehension measure impact on the students informative speech grades significantly. The discussion and implications of these results are performed in the next part.

Correlation & Multiple Regression Assignment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Part 3: Discussion & Implications of the Results

First, if we talk about the knowledge cluster, then neither ACT score nor affective learning measure tends to impact significantly on the informative speech score of the students. This means that the knowledge cannot be measured by the ACT score of the students. Students with high ACT score might have lower level of knowledge. Similarly, the affective learning measure would represent the satisfaction of the students towards the fulfillment of the positive communication expectations however; this satisfaction does not necessarily mean a higher level of knowledge of the students. Thus, both of them do not measure the knowledge cluster.

Second, if we talk about the skills cluster than hours/wk of homework completed only impacts significantly on the informative speech score of the students. The less time they take the higher is the level of their skills. Critical thinking can be good for writing abilities but not for the communication of public speaking skills of the students. Thus, skills are measured only by the hours taken per week for completing their homework.

Lastly, for the motivation measure only communication apprehension score has a significant impact on the informative speech score of the students. The communication apprehension measure would determine the feelings of the students in the recent communication events. Positive feelings motivate the students to communicate well in their own public speaking. Previous experience does not motivate the students in their current speeches and thus has insignificant impact on the informative speech score.

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