Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Scaling the Mother Standard of Care Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Cancer Treatment Centers of America


Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) was founded in 1988 by Stephenson who is the CEO of the company. The rationale behind founding cancer center was his mother’s death from cancer. The primary aim of Stephenson was to transform the traditional way of cancer care by remodeling the center. According to a new model, the priority of the cancer center was the patients, not anyone else. In addition to that, the company is a for-profit business that is based on five cancer care centers along with the sixth one in process.

Furthermore, the CEO of the company was planning to move one step further by making advancements in multifarious treatments related to cancer. As of now, the CEO of the company wants to know about the future developments in the Cancer Care Center.

Type of Case study:

Case study is a process through which a particular situation, company or a person has been studied or analyzed to draw a conclusion over a period. Case studies are of various types that include problem case study in which a proper problem has been defined that needs to be solved. Another case study involves decision-making and evaluation of current or past scenario described in the case. Another case study is known as Application of a rule or Method in which a particular rule, technology or method has been applied to evaluate the situation. This case study specifically deals with the last type because CTCA model formally known as The Mother Standard of Care, has been applied in the case that focuses on serving the patients as a first priority.

Key people involved in the Cancer Care Center are the ones whose creativity, skills and knowledge are vital for growth of the company. First and the foremost important player is the founder and chairman of the company, Richard Dick Stephenson followed by the CEO and Vice Chairman, Steve Bonner and Robert (Bob) Mayo. Further, cancer patients are also the key people discussed in the case.

Key Issues:

A major issue observed by Stephenson was related to the treatment way of cancer patients. Doctors treated patients them harshly, as their main focus was not on the patient but the disease. The patients have to go through long and tiring procedures to get them treated. Therefore, Stephenson studied for six years just to know the values required by cancer patients. The center faces resistance from the competitors in the community. Other issues involve leading organization towards Lean System to bring Clinical innovation.

Strategy and Approaches:

The CTCA is focusing on aggressive marketing to handle the challenges imposed by its competitors. The company is addressing two major types of innovation strategies to make the best use of their competencies. In order to achieve continuous improvement in the CTCA, the company is following Kaizan, A3 (developed by TOYOTA) and Lean Six Sigma (developed by MOTOROLA) approaches. In order to make these methods successful, the company fills out questionnaire forms from the Front Line employees to identify how innovation could be applied in the company.

Conclusion & Recommendations:

So far, CTCA has used various approaches to make the best use of Knowledge Competencies like Lean Six Sigma Approach which is used to improve manufacturing processes. An impressive job has been done by CTCA to position itself competitive in front of its competitors. The company has successfully shifted its center from later to earlier stage cancer patients. Moreover, the CTCA should hire experienced doctors and physicians to maintain and increase the quality of treatment. Moreover, the main focus of the CTCA should be on its prime model i.e. The Mother Standard of Care that primarily focuses on the patients....................

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General Director of the private and the growing national network of specialized care hospitals focus on later stages of cancer treatment and comprehensive impact on the last stage of growth of the company before the meeting with the chairman and founder of the company to discuss how to further scale the fact that they called Mother Standard of care and, in the process , to change the face of cancer treatment. "Hide
by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Matthew Bird Source: Harvard Business School 23 pages. Publication Date: December 14, 2011. Prod. #: 312073-PDF-ENG

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