CAFÉ D. POWND Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The café D. Pownd was established in the month of September at the new Cambridge Hall, at the National Academy of Liberal Arts and it serves the residence of Cambridge Hall and Nottingham Hall residence. The cafe serves a total of 550 students from which 450 students were resident of Cambridge Hall and remaining 100 studentsare resident of Nottingham Hall. The café timing is 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and opens for five days a week from Monday to Friday. The café serves meals, beverages, salads, desserts sandwiches and snacks. The students are paying for the meals through student cards through an electronic payment system within the campus area.

cafe d pownd case solution

cafe d pownd case solution

The café is facing problem of waiting time and during the peak time this waiting time creates problems for the students and students have already began looking for an alternative of the café. Mah is one of the students who has observed this problem and is looking for the solution to the problem tosuggest to the management of the campus.

NALA has the capacity of 30,000 students and to serve these students, campus has six residences with the supervision of afull time manager. These service managers come under the supervision of director that serves all of the residence services departments. Further the services department has its own two layers such as assistant residence manager and the residence advisors. These two ARM and RA’s met with the full time manager to discuss the problems related to the residence.

Cambridge Hall and Nottingham Hall are sharing some of the services so that has resulted in one manager that is supervising both of the residencies. ARM and RA’s are meetbi-weekly to discuss the problems of Cambridge Hall and Nottingham Hall residencies.

The cafeteria has been designed in such a way that it has three waiting lines such as L1, L2, and L3. Line 1 is dedicated to pre-cooked meals and there is the list of daily serving food items, line 2 is dedicated for the interactive cooking station where students are to choose the main ingredients for their meals and the line 3 is dedicated for payment of the meals.

These lines during the peak time are long enough to create the disturbance for the each of the lines and also disturb serving of beverages. The lines layout is difficult for the students as no one knows which line is specifically for whichpurpose.


The problem of the Café D. Pownd is the waiting time and the layout of the waiting lines as these lines are difficult to identify that which line is representing whicheach station.


The analysis has been made to solve the waiting time of the Café D. Pownd and to propose the solution of the problem. Mah who is keen to propose the solution to the management has gone through some observations and through these observations he has been able to identify some short time that would be adopted as a solution.

Mah observed that only payment line was taking the shortest time to wait and the line 1 and line 2 were taking more time.To solve the problem there must be beverage section in between the line 1 and line 2. This would not create the problem for the students to barge though the lines to get the drink. By doing so it would save the time as well as cost as when students were barging through the lines and getting back to eat their meals they already had finished their drinks and this made the students to go back and refill the drinks and these drinks were on the account of Café. If beverage section would move in between the lines 1 and lines 2 then it would also save this cost.

The payments of the Pre-cooked meals and interactive station must be paid at each of the station which would also reduce the waiting time and additional queue.


Café d. Pownd must remove the beverage section from the side of the interactive station and move in between the pre-cocked and interactive station lines. By doing so, there would not be the barging of the lines as well as spilling of the drink on the floor that would also result in lower costs.

The payment section should also be removed as it creates the problem for the students to stand in the line with their meals in hand and pay for the meals. Instead of the payment section, each section must charge the payment of the meals at its own station; this would reduce the spacing problem as well as aso make room for the queue....................

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