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The report outlines the emerging trend of eating healthy food in the market. The idea of the business plan surrounds offering Gluten free food, lactose free carbohydrates and sugar free food which is developed in a response to the market gap. Since over period of time, with the emergence of fitness centers, gymsand health consciousness and sensitivity, the demand for healthy, protein food hasincreased. However, due to the old structure of the food chain, quite a few companies offer a limited range of healthy food with basic dishes of brown noodles and brownrice. Looking at the particular trend and the demand in market, the particular business pan reports the idea of developing such shop that offers a detailed variety of healthy food. This may include lactose free, sugar free, low carbs, high protein diets with different componentsand elements of the meal, offered in customization, in order to allow the customer to make their own meal out of the ingredients offered. Since the offering is new in the market, it is posited to threat of mitigation, due to strong pressure and initial low sales. However, since it’s a Blue Ocean Strategy, it will workand take in hold the market.

Initially, the markettargeted would be nichessincefitness conscious and healthy lifestyle has taken or grown fully in place rather than middle or upper middle class.However, in the later years, the offerings will be tailored again in order to cater the other classes as well, in an attempt to sustain and grow the market share through market penetration.

Keywords:  Gluten free shop, Blue Ocean Strategy, Market gap.



1.1  Background

With the increase in the knowledge and globalization, the economic wealth of the countries has improved, which has increased the national income depicting high disposable income of the customer. Since the increase in technology and globalization has made each customer aware of the pros and Cons of the thing, it hasalso enlightened them to pursue a healthy life ahead in order to enjoy the life at own and not in the old age house.

With this surge of healthy living idea from late 2000, the trend of healthy eating came intobeing. Since food is the integral part of the life that makes or break the body, the concept of organicfood, natural food came into existence. Companies like coke already identified the shifting trend of theconsumerandtailored the offerings by new product developments of the coke from sugary drink to sugar free drink or zero calories drink.

However, the trend of eating fi and living the healthy life do not stop here with the increasing number of heart attack due to sugar and obesity rate, the emergence of fitness gyms came into being that made the market place by offering a functional service to the consumer, in order to fight obesity and fifth heart attack. Sincethen the trend of fitness and healthyeatingremain on the growing verge with the inclusion of different eating parameters and portioning of food. In the recent times, with the increased use of smart phones and technology, the customers have become tech-savvy, which has made them to look and understand better eating habit that could lead to healthy life.

In the particular perspective, sugar, high carb food, gluten has been found to be injurious to health and major cause of the weightincrease, leading to obesity, heart attack. Also, since fitness centers have also surged the digital medium, the consumption of healthy food has been conditioned in the minds of the customer, in order to achieve the goals. (Gagliardi, 2015).

Also, apart from this, numerous researches has also proposed the research on the idea of understanding health from the perspective of different individuals in different regions. Spark (2001) explains health consciousness as the extent to which the individual takes   health as the basic component of his life. Likewise, Olsen (2006) took the study on health consciousness and healthy eating study to understand the importance of healthy eating to an individual.According to many researchers, health consciousness and healthy eating habits are more framed due to socio-economic changes rather than economic changes. Also, it explained that due to the high literacy and inclination of customer towards technology, the market has emerged, making the consumer understand the link between health  and diet. This has caused many businesses to develop, or revamp the eating concept in order to sustain itself in long run and also tap the new market opportunities.

Business plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



In 2007, the account for healthy food increased mainly in Europe particularly because of technology and innovation and the submerge of diet and nutrition into the market. According to international organization report, the organic food market is increasing with 15-20% per year. Which is depicting the high potential and market fragmentation for the products. Lastly, Morton (2012) proposed that in order to understand the market trends, it is important to plunge deeply into the customer insight and understand about the meaning of health and nutrition to them. This will allow the businesses to frame the future strategy accordingly leading to high sustainability and competitive edge in the market......................

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