Big City Small Pay: Minimum Wage for Hong Kong Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Unlike most developed economies in the world, Hong Kong does not have a law on the minimum wage to protect the lives of workers. Attempts Legislative Council motion for legislation regulating the minimum wage and standard working hours were ultimately unsuccessful. The main reason was considerable opposition from the business community, which feared that the deviations from purely market dictated wage regime would be advisable to position Hong Kong as the freest economy in the world and exacerbate unemployment. In late 2006, the Hong Kong government began to move wage protection program is designed to protect the wages of workers cleaning and guards through voluntary and not through legislation. It was, however, met with vicious attacks from the members of the Legislative Council, which serves the minimum wage, accusing the government of ignoring the plight of low-income, and instead allows the issue to drag without the legislation. This is a matter of economics and business, providing a law on the minimum wage, the unique economic situation in Hong Kong and the likely impact of the minimum wage in a free economy in the world. "Hide
by Ka-Fu Wong, Ricky Lai Source: University of Hong Kong, 14 pages. Publication date: April 14, 2008. Prod. #: HKU747-PDF-ENG

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Big City Small Pay: Minimum Wage for Hong Kong

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