Becton Dickinson: Developing the Capability to Innovate ‘Outside the Home Court Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The products of the company which named Becton Dickinson are manufactured and sold all over the world. For the purpose of reporting, they have run their company’s operations outside the United States of America.They have started manufacturing plants in many countries such as Europe, Greater Asia, Latin America and Canada. Europe operations include Africa and Middle East; Greater Asia include Asia Pacific and Japan; Latin America include Mexico and Brazil.

The major products of the company are insulin syringes and pen needles, BD Vacutainer blood gathering items, needles and syringes, BD Hypak refillable syringe frameworks, dispensable lab items, demonstrative frameworks, stream cytometry instruments and reagents and other treatment items. All these products are manufactured outside the United States.They have manufactured these products in the countries such as Germany, France, Japan,India,Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, Brazil, Hungary, Ireland, Pakistan, China, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Canada. They have disclosed the geographic data of their external operations in the Note 17 of their consolidated financial statements. The Note 17 can explain all the geographic information regardingthe external operations of a company.

The economic conditions and the fluctuations in the exchange rates can affect the profitability of a company. However, they have a fear that external operations in some countries can provide them a serious harm than any other country. The main reason of that expected is economic policies, economic environment, political instability, and other commercial businesses.

External economic conditions and conversion scale variances have brought on the productivity that identified with remote incomes to change more than the benefit identified with local incomes. BD beliefs its exercises in a few nations outside the United States include more serious danger than its household business that is because of the components such as monetary environment, neighborhood business, financial arrangements and political instabilities. All these external threats can increase the risk of a company.

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Becton Dickinson: Developing the Capability to Innovate ‘Outside the Home Court

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