Ayudhya Allianz C.P.: The i2s Initiative Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1968 © 2010
Pucik, Vladimir; Zalan, Tatiana

The case explains the change of a nation company device in a big monetary service business from a standard company besieged by bad spirits and management difficulties to an international development leader - within a culture and a market which typically does not foster development. The case explains in information the vital development efforts taken by brand-new management group as the business embarked on healing from a significant crisis and evaluate the actions taken to develop a sustainable culture of development at all levels of the company through extreme and fast modification. Knowing goals: 1) Develop an understanding of how companies can promote development even in tough environments.

Subjects: Innovation culture; Cultural change; Organizational change; Cross-cultural leadership; Human resources; Financial services

Settings: Thailand; Global; Insurance; Financial Services; AACP: 800 employees; Allianz Group 153,000 employees; 2006-2008

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Ayudhya Allianz C.P.: The i2s Initiative

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