ALISON BARNARD Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Alison Barnard found the company in 2005 and it is located at north end Boston. The company is operating in garment industry and sells more than 30 brands of female jeans and tees. It is expected that Alison Barnard is a young and highly skilled business woman, which helps her to develop her business successfully throughout the US.

Moreover, her parents also helped her to develop her business as both were in the same business and she developed strong sense regarding shopping due to having strong entrepreneur background which helps her a lot. In addition to this, during her studies she developed her skills and ideas with respect to fashion industry as she had strong knowledge about the need of the society.
It is expected that in order to expand her business she needs more employees and currently dealing with badly under trained employees. In addition to this, she is also facing the problem of having low capital in order to expand her business. Moreover, she knows that fashion industry is not just about brand as only 9% women prefer brand while about 50% women seek for more options during shopping.

Apart from this, she is confident that she could perform as per expectations as she has strong sense about the targeted segment and it helps her to launch her store. However, the newly hired management creates certain questions in her mind regarding expanding the business
Identification of main Issues

It is expected that Alison is facing different issues in order to expand her business among which some are more critical, which include hurdles in getting her business goals. She is facing the problem of low capital, therefore in order to expand her business she does not have sufficient cash available, which restricts her capability and force her to raise finance either through equity or from debt.
In addition to this, she is facing the problem of having low human resource and newly hired management does not have the desired level of expertise which is a constraint to her future plans. Moreover, she is also facing the problem of absenteeism from the staff which affects her operations adversely. Due to this problem, she always has to be present at the store which puts extra burden on her.
It is expected that she is not using any accounting software in order to deal with accounting and financing issues and she is not expert in this respect and she is dependent upon her uncle, which consumes her time and restricts her ability to perform the business operations more efficiently.

Internal plus External Overview


In order to get the information about the external environment in which the company is operating, PESTEL provides a clear guideline about the political, economic, social, technical, environmental and legal procedures. In addition, it is expected that by using the PESTEL framework, the management of the company could design future strategies in order to successfully achieve operational and strategic goals.

Political Aspects

It is expected that the company is operating in a more stable environment and the political environment of the country is supporting the new business to be motivated and to grow. The the country’s laws and procedures of the country are designed in such a way that each entrepreneur could get equal opportunities to grow and expand their business, therefore Alison is operating in a politically stable environment which could be the reason behind the success of the company within a short time.
Economy Aspects

The company is operating in North Boston.In addition, the global economic conditions have become worse due to financial crisis in the year 2008 however, the global economy is on the way to improvement. Hence,economic condition of the country in which company is operating is also getting favorable for the new and growing business.....................

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