A Telemedicine Opportunity or a Distraction? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case Synopsis

The case is about increasing the use of Telemedicine. It is an IT system providing distance clinical healthcare. It allows medical services to be provided in rural areas. Medical staff and patient can communicate with each other. Telemedicine is a way to communicate from one place to another by the use of electronic media.The Executive Director Shawn Ferrall at Partners TeleStroke Program, wants to provide the consulting services for medicine. He also wants to increase the scope of telemedicine beyond general health care.

In order to test the feasibility of telemedicine, pilot testing was conducted. Nevertheless, only researches demonstrate that such services are feasible. Partner Healthcare TeleStroke implements this system andMassachusetts General Hospital (MGH) manages it. The key issues include the expansion of telemedicine services and the problems in the implementation of IT software and other equipment.Therefore, a strategy was formulated to allow Partner Healthcare and MGH to focus in providing services by the name of TeleStroke.

The patients who are eligible for the program are those who have severe strokes so that they could be provided with the professional medical staff that can help them to solve their problems.

Strategy Analysis

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has budgeted a large amount to ensure the viable treatment. The aim is to prevent new diseases and strokes all around the world. Research and Development costs $700 million each year to the company. The money is spent in curing different kinds of diseases and disorders such as AIDS, cancer, cardiovascular problems, and many others.

Harvard Medical School manages this medical institution and located at the West side of Boston. A teaching institute also exists where teachers are trained to perform research in their related field.

The objective of the organization is to make medical professional. These professionals would serve patients in health care and improve the system as well. This objective can be achieved through their leadership skills,research and social involvement. The hospital wants to develop different treatments and facilitate the usage of these services in the rural areas of the country as well as homeless living across the globe. The idea is to ensure that the treatment strategies shall prevail in different societies. Therefore, the company has developed strategies to train doctors, nurses, and other medical staff who are directly or indirectly involved in the patient care.

There are two strategies that can be applied. One of the strategies is to get feedback from the stakeholdersso that every department can be directed on the correct path. The other strategy is focused on differentiation and take objectives, goals and other priorities into account as well as the excellence to achieve the goal.

The Information System is known as the gathering and the collection of data with all the inputs so that the objective of the company to attain feedback is achieved(Latifi, 2011).The function of the Information system is considered very important for the company. If the current environment is taken into account, the company should remain proactive. Therefore, the company developed an information system business strategy which is consistent with the overall goals, objectives and the entire business strategy of the company. The business strategy for Mass general include conducting the entire research process, and understanding the findings through treatment procedures amongst various departments of the organization.


There are many issues that has made the TeleStroke system complex. This system is diverse so it takes a lot of time in managing the program. Therefore, the company may lose its focus not delivering high quality service in its current services. The program is costly and requires substantial financing. The company is also confused whether to invest in the new system or to remain focus on simple Telestroke. The business strategy is to maintain the IT system which seems to be inappropriate according to the current environment.The treatment of data for patients and the blood group data were not maintained. The system does not allow face to face meetings which was also a cause of concern for the company.

A Telemedicine Opportunity or a Distraction Case Solution


The Value Chain model demonstrates the benefits conferred to customers by the organization.The model also shows the process from business inputs to business output which creates value for customers. This concept has come from Michael Porter in 1985 and its concept was shown in the business management studies (Sekhar, 2010). The objective of the model is to create and achieve a competitive advantage for the company............................

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