A-CAT Corp Statistical Analysis Report Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A-CAT Corp Statistical Analysis Report Case Solution


                This is a statistical analysis report which uses statistical tools, models, methodology and tests to analyze the business problems for A-Cat Corporation and recommends the best forecasting models for overcoming the current issues with demand estimation of the company. The report has been broken down in different parts and each part is backed up by data driven methods.

a-cat corp

a-cat corp

Appropriate Family of Statistical Tools & Statistical Assumptions

             There is a range of statistical tools which could be used in order to analyze the data which has been provided in the case study. The case study shows that the data, which has been provided, is basically related to descriptive statistics and hypothesis testing such as One Way ANOVA and One sample t-tests are shown in the case study. The statistical tools which could be employed to drive the decisions for the business problems of A-Cat Corp are many such as Excel, SPSS, Stata etc. As stated previously that the data which has been provided in the case study is basically related to hypothesis testing and descriptive statistics, therefore this assumption led us to choose this family of statistical tools.

Category of Provided Data

               The variable in this study is the demand quantities of the number of the units sold or demand for a particular product and its level of measurement is scale. Variables that might be measured at an ordinal or a nominal level are not present in the provided data sets therefore, using SPSS or any other statistical tools would not be appropriate and it would complicate the analysis plan. The data set in this case study is of scale category and therefore, it is wise to use the most simplistic statistical tool for driving the decision and finding recommendations for the business problems.

Most Appropriate Statistical Tool & Its Justification

             As stated previously that the data in this scale is all scale and there is no use of the nominal or ordinal data in this case study therefore, the most appropriate statistical tool for analyzing the business problems of A-Cat Corp would be the excel spreadsheet package and there are two justifications for this. Firstly, all the data is scale and all hypothesis tests could be performed in excel and secondly it would simply the analysis process.

Quantitative Methods Employed

             A range of quantitative methods has been employed in this report to analyze the statistical data. First of all, the descriptive statistics have been generated to analyze the nature and the movement of the data sets for each of the years from 2006 to 2010 and the data for 2009 and 2010 has been forecasted using the simple moving average technique (Freedman, 2005). This would remove all sorts of the discrepancies from the data and resolve the issues faced by the operational managers of the company. The data has been extracted from company’s files and no other external sources have been used for data analysis.

Process/ Analysis Plan and Its Importance

             The main root causes of the problems which are currently being faced by A-Cat Corporation are due to a single problem which is the root cause of all the other problems. The main problem which is being faced by A Cat Corporation is that the company is currently facing the issue of overstocking and under stocking for the past several months due to inappropriate forecasting methods which are being used by the company. The management of the company is unable to forecast the right quantity of the regulators which are being demanded in the market.....................

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